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Superintendent Kathy Hoffman knows not all students have the same interests or learning styles. Students benefit from multiple pathways to graduation, including Career and Technical Education (CTE). Nationally, participants in CTE programs have a graduation rate of 93%, making these programs a demonstrated path to a good career. Graduates from these programs have access to high-paying jobs that are in demand in Arizona today, in fields that are the foundation of innovation and growth in a 21st-century economy.


Bilingualism should be treated as a valued advantage for all of our students. Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s research at the University of Arizona and research nationwide demonstrates that bilingual students who are supported in their native language show higher proficiency in both languages. Bilingual education improves overall academic performance, graduation rates, and consequently, the ability of students participate fully in society. 

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In Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s travels around Arizona, she has spoken to many teachers and administrators for rural schools. These conversations have highlighted the unique characteristics of our rural schools and communities. One principal from Pinal County shared his success in using the “Cowboy Code of Conduct” to teach his students emotional regulation and motivate them to succeed academically. This included the participation of all teachers across the school to use both positive verbal reinforcements and the opportunity for students to earn a unique cowboy belt buckle. Every school has unique needs, and our schools in rural regions are no exception. By fully funding our rural schools and ensuring that they have adequate staffing, students will benefit from an individualized education no matter where they live. 

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Participation in preschool programs results in improved reading, writing, and math skills during elementary school. Superintendent Kathy Hoffman believes expanded preschool and all-day kindergarten reduce the high cost of child care for working parents, allowing them to save or spend that money on other necessities for their children. The educational and economic benefits of expanded preschool and all-day kindergarten have the most significant impact on parents and children with the most severe educational and financial need, but benefit all of Arizona’s parents and children. With the benefits as clear as they are, Arizona cannot afford to remain among the states with the lowest rates of preschool enrollment.


As a speech therapist in the public schools, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman served on a Special Education team that worked to improve academic achievement and life skills of students with disabilities. She loved spending every day helping students develop their communication and speech abilities. Our students with disabilities need a voice in government who understands our complicated Special Education system as well as the complex needs of individual students. While the process to receive services can be overwhelming, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman os committed to programs that provide resources and training to families who need support.

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For far too long, Arizona has lacked a passionate and collaborative leader for our public schools. As a career educator, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman understands the importance of having strong leadership in administrative roles. Quality leadership not only guides, but it also respects each person and opinion. Every day that she is State Superintendent, she works to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table so that collaboration and innovation on behalf of our schools and students can take place.



Superintendent Kathy Hoffman has seen far too many of my colleagues burdened by unpaid maternity and paternity leave. For many teachers, the excitement of parenthood is overshadowed by a substantial economic burden. The education profession is centered around children and families and therefore, she firmly believes our schools should be offering all of their employees paid maternity and paternity leave. As State Superintendent, she also believes that a paid maternity and paternity leave program would be one solution to our statewide teacher shortage. This would attract new teachers to the profession and help keep our highly-trained, experienced teachers in the classroom.

To learn more, please read her op-ed in the Arizona Republic.



As we have seen with the #RedForEd movement, it is no secret that Arizona’s teachers are severely underpaid compared to the national average. This disparity has resulted in Arizona being ranked “the least attractive state for teachers” by the Learning Policy Institute. To end this crisis, our state must invest in our children’s education and in all public schools. As State Superintendent, Kathy Hoffman works with the legislature to produce innovative policies that will attract new teachers to the profession and encourage our highly-qualified teachers to stay in the field. 


Given our current school funding issues, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman does not support the expansion of ESA vouchers. As my priorities include increasing teacher pay and student resources, our school districts cannot afford to have their budgets depleted by vouchers. She supports families’ freedom to choose the best school for their children. It is critical to have access to a high-quality public school for every child and in every neighborhood across the state. An expansion of ESA vouchers simply does not support that vision of education.




Superintendent Kathy Hoffman believes inclusive school policies begin with recognizing that all students deserve to feel safe and welcome at school regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. She is advocating for clear policies, support groups, and activities for LGBTQ students and their families. Protecting the right of LGBTQ students to learn in an environment that rejects bullying and discrimination, welcomes family diversity, and promotes inclusivity must be a priority for our state. Superintendent Kathy Hoffman will implement inclusive policies and language for all schools. 




About Superintendent Hoffman


Kathy Hoffman’s journey into politics began when she realized that our elected officials were failing the needs of her students and colleagues.

It broke her heart to see the diminished classroom resources, cuts to extracurricular classes, and growing classroom sizes. At that point, she knew it would take a teacher with firsthand classroom experience to lead the Department of Education out of this crisis. Her experience as both an educator and advocate for students with disabilities informs her vision for public education.

Throughout her career in public education, Kathy has fought tirelessly for equal access to high-quality public education regardless of a student’s race, gender, or zip code. She asserts that only through committed investment and inclusive policies can Arizona bring its public schools from the bottom to the top of the nation’s school systems.

As State Superintendent, Kathy works tirelessly to elevate the voices of all teachers and students. Kathy stands in solidarity with educators and all support staff through fighting for improved pay, adequate school funding, and classroom resources.


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